Questions for Winter Section of The Bluest Eye . n

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1) Extemporized – b) Perform something without preparation

2) Unabashed – c) Not embarrassed or ashamed

3) Genuflected – e) To lower one’s body by bending their leg

4) Gelid – f) Extremely cold

5) Inviolable – d) Not capable of being violated or infringed

6) Surfeit – h) Eating until excessively full

7) Epiphany – g) a divine manifestation

8) Macabre – a) Shocking repellent

Winter Questions

1) How does Morrison personify Winter and use metaphors comparing Mr. MacTeer to winter? Give specific examples from the text.

She did this to compare his life and his family. For example she also uses the metaphor ” his high forehead is the frozen sweep of the erie, hiding currents of gelid thoughts that eddy in the darkness”. his forehead isnt really frozen or the erie for that matter but it compares  to it.

2) How is Pecola harassed by the group of boys? What effect does it have on her? How is this reminiscent of common bullying?

Pecola was harassed by a group of boys, who talked about her, called her names and talked about her family. This effected her, because she felt bad and her embarrased. This is common bullying because these boys took the bad thing about Pecola and just put it in her face.

3) Describe Maureen Peal,  comment on her interaction with Pecola.

Maureen Peal is stuck up , pretty , and popular. She is one of those girls that every other little girl wants to be like, as a child. Even thought she got the looks and all the other stuff she uses her looks against others, to get what the want like she did with Pecola.

4) Examine Claudia and Frieda’s comparison of themselves with Maureen.

Claudia and Frieda always thought they were the stuff, until they met Maureen. After seeing her they started down grading their selves. Seeing what people were saying about Maureen they felt like nothing .

5) Tell me about MacTeer sisters’ meeting with the prostitutes, how do they react and what does this them?

 When the MacTeer sister see these ladies they don’t say anything to them. They sit there and act like they dont even notice them.

6) Analyze Geraldine and discuss her significance to the story.

Geraldine is themother of the boy that bullies Pecola . This lady is really in love with her cat, that she  would pick it over her one child . Geraldine significanestothis story iskind of confusing because she really dosen’t love anyone .

7) Examine the importance of Geraldine and her relationship with Junior.

Geraldine spoils Junior with everything he wants, but she stiil treats the cat better. This show that Geraldine status or rate for a mom is low because spoiling your children doesn’t help them amount to anything. For Junior it must be hard being put after a cat and not being loved by his mother, so that my be a result of his bullying.

8) How does Junior treat Pecolea? How about his mother, how does she treat Pecola? What impact does this have on Pecolea?

Junior treats Pecola very bad , he mad her feel like she is less then a person. Then one day he just start acting very nice to her. He invites her to his house and tell his mom that she killed the cat. Junior’s mother Geraldine treats Pecola by cursing at her and telling her to get out of her house, she treats her very badly even though Pecola is innocent.

My Reflection/Thoughts

I pick this story, because I feel as though this a story the will make young girls who feel bad about their self think twice. In this story, the girl talked about how she felt like an outkast, but over the times she begun to have more self confidence. I also, enjoy this story because it made me think too. As a young girl, some of us don’t have a lot of self confidence and feel bad about ourselves.

Act lll-V Questions

ACT III: 1-5 Study Questions
1. Why, since it won’t result in any financial gain, does Shylock insist on the terms of his bond with Antonio?

Because all he is trying to do is get revenge.

2. What news does Tubal bring Shylock?

The news that Tubal brought to Shylock is that Antiono’s ship had sunk, and now he has to pay the consequences.

3. Why does Portia want Bassanio to wait before facing the challenge of the three caskets?

Basely, Portia wants him to be with him for a while and then choose a caket.

4. Why does Bassanio select the lead casket?

Because it seem like the right one.

5. What does the lead casket contain?

A picture of Portia.

6. What does Portia claim will occur if Bassanio gives up the ring she gives him?

She will be very upset and not trust him nomore.

7. What does Gratiano reveal after Bassanio solves the riddle of the three caskets?

It reveals that Portia is the one.

8. Why does Portia allow Bassanio to leave before they get married?

Portia allows Bassanio to leave so that he can get to Antonio.

9. According to Antonio, why won’t the Duke be able to intercede on his behalf?

Because if he argue with Shylock he won’t listen.

10. What does Portia decide to do at the end of Act III?

Portia decides to dress up as a man to get to Venice and meet Balthazar there.

ACT IV: 1-2 Study Questions

1. What does the Duke request of Shylock?

Duke request to have mercy for Shylock.

2. What reason does Shylock give for his wanting the pound of Antonio’s flesh?

The reason for waiting is because wants his flesh to fish.

3. Why does Antonio advise his friends to give up attempting to dissuade Shylock?

Because it is the law and they can’t brake it.

4. Why does Shylock believe the Duke must enforce the terms of the bond?

So that they can have a full understanding of the bond.

5. Why does Portia, disguised as the lawyer, initially conclude that Shylock’s bond must be adhered to?

Portia disguised herself, becasue she is on Antonio’s side.

6. Although she acknowledges Shylock’s right to a pound of Antonio’s flesh, how does Portia prevent the usurer from acting on it?

She says a pound a flesh and nothing about the blood from it.

7. Why is Shylock stripped of his possessions?

Well Shylock tried to kill a jew and he has to play for it, and the bond doesn’t say nothing aboutlossing blood.

8. Apart from the financial conditions, what does Antonio’s new arrangement demand of Shylock?

That he had changed his religon into a christian.

9. What does the disguised Portia demand from Bassanio for her services?

Portia demands the ring that is on his finger, which she give him.

10. Why is Bassanio reluctant to give up the ring?

Bassanio swear to never take the ring off, until he died.

ACT V: 1 Study Questions
1. What message does Stephano deliver to Lorenzo and Jessica?

Portia and Nerissa have arrived.

2. What opinion does Lorenzo hold of men who don’t like music?

That they don’t have feelings for love.

3. What does Portia order her household not to do?

They should give order to the servant and take note of all the absents.

4. To whom does Nerissa claim to believe Gratiano gave his ring?

A random women.

5. What does Portia threaten when Bassanio admits he gave the ring away?

Portia threaten him that she will not sleep with him.

6. What does Portia claim she will do if she encounters the doctor to whom Bassanio gave the ring?

Portia claims that she reather sleep with him then her husband.

7. How does Antonio attempt to placate Portia?

Antonio says nice things to her.

8. What does Portia offer Bassanio to seal the new promise?

Portia offers to give another ring.

9. What secret does Portia reveal to the company?

Portia tells them that she was the lawyer and Nerissa was the clerk.

10. What good news does Portia tell Antonio?

Shylock gives him all his possession after hi death.

Merchant Venice Discussion Questions

English 2
Merchant of Venice – Discussion Questions

ACT I: 1-3 Study Questions
1. What causes do Salerio and Solanio suggest for Antonio’s melancholy?

 Salerio and Solanio both have their own suggest one think’s he is worried about the ship, which had his money in there. And another thinks that he’s just in love.

2. What humorous advice does Gratiano offer Antonio?

Gratiano told Antonio to stop being old before his time and let life go on as it should and stop being mad all the time.

3. Why does Bassanio want Antonio to loan him more money?

Bassanio ask Antonio for more money because he has to compete with Portia’s suitors,  win the wealthy heiress’s hand, thus solving his financial problems and winning portia.

4. Why is Portia angry with her deceased father?

Portia is angry with her deceased father because in his will, it says that someone his to pick her husband and she can’t pick it herself. She is really mad, because she wants to pick her husband.

5. Why does Nerissa tell Portia she “need not fear” her unwelcome suitors?

Because ”Need not fear” means whatever will happen is meant to happen.

6. What do Portia and Nerissa think of Bassanio?

 Nerissa thinks that Bassanio is basely that best man for Portia and she agrees.

7. According to Shylock, why does he hate Antonio?

Shylock hate’s Antonio, becausen he spit on him and he is a christian.

8. Why is Shylock indignant over Antonio’s request?

Shylock is indignant to Antonio, because he doesn’t treat him good.

9. What is Antonio’s response to Shylock’s accusation?

Antonio’s response to Shylock’s accusation is that he shouldn’t give the money to friends, but to enemies, so that wayhe know he will get his money and  it’s all business.

10. In exchange for what does Shylock agree to lend Antonio and Bassanio the money?

Shylock wants a some flesh in order to loan the money.

ACT II: 1-9 Study Questions.
1. Why does Morocco fear Portia will reject him at the outset?

Morocco fears that Portia will reject him, because of his shin color.

2. What is Bassanio’s reservation about Gratiano accompanying him to Belmont?

Bssanio makes Gratiano promise to behave on the trip to Belmont.

3. What is Jessica’s dilemma concerning her father, Shylock?

Jessica’s dilemma concering her father, is that she wants to leave him. Because she is ashamed of being his daughter.

4. How does Lorenzo plan to disguise Jessica in order for her to escape from her father?

He is planing to dress her up as a boy so she can leave Shylock’s place.

5. Before going to dine with Antonio and Bassanio, what advice does Shylock give his daughter?

Shylocktell hers tolock everything up, like the doors anddon’t leave.

6. Why does Jessica not want Lorenzo to see her when he arrives at Shylock’s house?

Jessica doesn’t want Lorenzo to see her because she is embarrassed dressed like that, she wants Lorenzo to see her when shes all dressed up and pretty.

7. What is Morocco’s rationale for choosing the gold casket?

He says that he is worth all the gold in the world.

8. What news has Salerio heard, making him anxious?

Salerio had heard that a ship had sunk.

9. How does Solanio interpret Antonio’s sadness at Bassanio’s departure?

He says that a ship his sunk and all his friends had left.

10. Which casket does Aragon choose, and why?

He chooses the silver casket, because he thinks he should have Portia.

Lap #2-Exta Credit !

Do you consider yourself a writer? Why or why not? Your response should be thoughtful and detailed.

I do consider myself a writer, because when I write I show my feeling. I really express myself in my writing. I really don’t like writing about boring topic AKA school topic, but I try my best to compare the writing to me and the thing I am writing about. Most of my leisure time I write how I feel and just expres my feeling. (Don’t be suprise if I become a writer. LOL) But over all I really enjoy writing .

Respond to “Doubt and Believe” activity

  • What do you think about the doubters and believers? 

  I think that it really showed us as a class how are peers think and feel about certain things . I also, think it help us think about how we really feel about certain things. 

  • What did you learn about yourself and other?

I learn a lot about myself, because Ireaaly never thought about the questions that where given to us . Some of them I  was undesided, I think it open my mined up the expercise my believes and doubt and other things . When it came to my classmates I really understand  their doubts about and there believes .

  • What values are important to you based on what you did this morning

The values that are important to me is my believes and doubt, because I think this has an impact on your life and the way you live.

Major Project : The Ugly Little Duckling !

Once upon a time , there lived an ugly duckling , who was born to an ugly duckling family . This ugly duckling family had died before

he could be hatched . So , their was another duck family down the road , which felt sad for this unhatched egg . The mommy duck

took the ugly gray egg and put it with the rest with her unborn eggs . Everyone that went by was always talking about this egg .

Saying how it was the ugliest egg they every seen . She, her self was talking about how ugly the egg was . Two weeks later , her eggs

had hatched , except the ugly gray eggs . She thought that this eggs was sick or had died . She tap the egg shell , tick tock . The egg

still didn’t hatch . The next day the ugly egg hatched . This was the ugliest duckling , people had ever seen . Anybody that walked by

would talk about this duckling . Even the people that he lived with , they would say he is very ugly . He felt so sad that he didn’t know

what to do or where to go . All his family had died and he had nothing left . Everyday we woke up it was the same thing . So one day

the ugly duckling couldn’t take it anymore , he lelt his house any went somewhere . While walking people kept saying bad things to

him , like why are you so ugly , and etc . When he got to a corner , a woman called him and took him to a barn , where she had many

outer animals . She bought this ugly duckling there , thinking that it was a girl . So that the ugly duckling could have chicks , but

sadly it was a male . The ugly duckling stay at the barn , the woman , feed the duck so much that the duck got so big and beautiful ,

when the ugly duckling , went outside , he didn’t even know it was him . Everyone that seen him was like her was so beautiful .

The End